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    • December 17, 2022 at 9:51 pm #881

      If you have an Nvidia card/GPU, ShinyOS will default to XOrg over Wayland

      This can cause a few issues:

      1) The default GNOME Video player, Totem, may crash on Xorg. To fix this please install an alternative:

      sudo apt install mpv

      Right click on a video file in Files and select Open With.. then select mpv and set the bottom “Always use for this type” to true.

      2) IF you have a hybrid Nvidia laptop that can use integrated graphics, you might find the default use on demand Prime mode makes the system unusable or slow when an external monitor is connected (this is a known bug in the Nvidai drivers). To solve this run nvidia-settings and set Prime Profile to “Performance mode” and then reboot.

      Nvidia have fixed this bug but have not released it yet (should be in their next driver release) :

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