The Ultimate Shiny Linux Desktop OS

The key goal of Shiny OS is to deliver the best desktop Linux experience. We develop our own apps and extensions for Gnome-Shell and integrate them into an Ubuntu based and derived OS..

Sidebar and menus

Provides both to enhance your workflow. The information you need is never more than a click or two away.

Translucent themed Shell

Theme colors match the dominant wallpaper/background color to give a nice blended feel. Both the sidebar, dock and all Shell drop down menus are semi-transparent and colored to match the wallpaper..

Powerful targeted search

Selecting Documents shows the most recently used documents, a list of document based applications and a targeted search entry for searching and showing only documents. This same facility is extended for Pictures, Music and Videos too.

Simply Amazing

Shiny OS provides an amazing look and feel that surpasses many other closed source desktops. But its not limited to eye candy as the powerful targeted Tracker search delivers improved workflow function and enhances your productivity.